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Cerebral Palsy Child Wheel Chair CP-101Cerebral Palsy Child Wheel Chair CP-101

It is a safe, comfortable and best proposal for cerebral palsy child. It contains extra cushion upholstery for head, under arm and leg. It is built on ultra light weight, aluminum alloy epoxy powder coated frame.

Deluxe Wheelchair, Power (Motorised) Wheelchair P-106Power (Motorised) Wheelchair P-106

This novel model contains 28 AH battery, 200wx2 motor and 30 cm or 12” rear wheel and 20 cm or 8” front castor. This user friendly model contains epoxy powder coated frame and cushion padded seat. It is also contains safety belt and anti wheels.

Power (Motorised) Wheelchair P-107Power (Motorised) Wheelchair P-107

This folding and light weight chairs consists of cm or 24.4” total width and 49 cm or 19.6” height of seat from floor. This comfortable range of chairs contains adjustable controller desk and foldable push bar. It also contains detachable foot rest.

C.P Child Wheelchairs, Power Wheel Chair P-105Motorized Wheelchair ( Power Wheel-Chair ) P-105

It is presented with 1-7 km per hour speed range and maintenance free 62 cm or 24.8” rear wheel and 17 cm or 6.8” front castor. It has two high torque motors along with break release livers.It offers high comfort.

Motorised Wheelchair,  Power Wheel Chair P-102Motorized Wheelchair ( Power Wheel-Chair ) P-102

It contains a multi functional microprocessor based controller with battery and speed status indicator. It is specially built for indoor and outdoor use and contains maximum load caring capacity of 100 kg.

Power Wheelchair, Power Wheel Chair P-108Power (motorised) Wheelchair P-108

Its specialty is its lifter rod; flip up arm rest and reclining high back along with adjustable seat angle. Its united brakes system made it safe chair. Its foldable drop back handle make simple the fairly compact action.It is ment for easy moving.

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