“To reduce the pressure on knees, toes, feet, hips, ankles etc. walking aids are used.”

We are providing you the latest technology of Motorized Wheelchair with best Manufactures and Suppliers from Ahmedabad, India. The specialty of this wheel chair is easily lift-able and can easily moveable from one place to another. Also, through this we can help those physically challenged people who are fighting from their lives…….”who are more active from inside but can’t show their activeness” due to their disability.

These wheelchairs are specialized in medical and surgical devices. By providing awareness of this wheelchairs in hospitals, nursing schools, clinics etc….this will helped a lot in their daily route of their life.

By delivering these wheelchairs in large number of quantity our company has become the first choice of the customers. We are providing our best quality of products in the market. We only manufacture our products and also sell all over across India.

Walking aids,Motorised Wheelchair India


  • Walking aids has a perfect grip.
  • Easiest way to reduce pressure on knees, feet and hips.
  • Quality of walking aids is long durability and stability.
  • Walking aids handles are classic which is comfortable to hold.
  • Main feature is long functional life.

Motorised Wheelchair In Ahmedabad


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