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"Making the change from a Manual Wheelchair to a Motorisd Wheelchair can help prevent chronic pain, Injury, and other health-related Problems."

Motorised Wheelchair

Silverline Meditech Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1998. Since the inauguration our company has been providing a distinctive range of healthcare equipments. We are manufacturer of various models of the equipments that are highly required in the medical sector. The range of products that we fabricate are motorised wheelchair, AED, Air mattress, CPAP, Infusion pump, Light weight wheelchair, Thermometer and other walking aids. This wide assortment of products is prepared in a completely safe configuration and dimensions that the government has presented and approved. They are highly demanded in the government and private hospitals, clinics, laboratories and even for personal use. Electric wheelchairs provide mobility. We can provide you with an Electric Wheelchair that meets your needs here at Silverline Meditech. We have a large selection of totally customizable Electric Wheelchairs from a range of brands.
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A wheelchair can simply be split into two words: wheel and chair, which helps in understanding that it is chair that is provided with wheels to make displacement possible for disabled people, old people or any other person who is unable to walk. This is the best equipment for the person facing problem in walking whether it may be due to weakness, injury or a disability in their body. There are various kinds of wheelchair available in the market depending on the usage. The most common and simple type of wheelchair that we traditionally used was the manual wheel chair. Even in the manual version of wheelchair you can find various models which are classified based on the way they are operated. Now-a-days, there are many different types of wheelchair available in the market which are either power or battery operated wheelchair. The selection of the wheelchair must be done based on the usage and after understanding the working mode, limitations and operation of that wheelchair. In the manual wheelchair there are normally two types: one is self propelled and other one is attendant propelled.

Types Of Wheelchair

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What Is A Motorised Wheelchair?

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Features Of Motorised Wheelchair

The electric motorised wheelchair also known as the power chair or power wheelchair is operated using the battery or the electric motor. This wheelchair is either also operated using the joystick that is mounted on the frame or the armrest provided in the chair. The speed of the motorised wheelchair is kept safe so that the person can easily locate from one place to another without the danger of falling down or any accident taking place. Other than this, the weight of the wheelchair also changes depending on the model and the features that are provided on it. There are various size of the motorised wheelchair available in the market that vary in the shape, size, weight and features. There are certain specific standards that are proposed by the government in accordance to which every wheelchair has to be developed. This motorised light weight wheelchair helps the people to easily get around in the house or in any other location allowing smooth and easy transport from one place to another.

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There are various reasons that have increased the usage of the motorised light weight electric wheelchair. Some of the most common reasons that make them preferable consist of the people get chance to open by as they can move from one place to other. Next is the freedom to move and travel to the desired location without any help of other person. It allows the person to become independent when it comes to roaming as the motorised wheelchair is operated through a joystick and is easily portable. This also helps in developing a positive mind set in the person as they don’t fell dependent on other whenever they want without the help of others. The wide range of lightweight electric wheelchair makes mobility smooth, easy and fast. Some wheelchair also have the feature of reclining which makes it good for the patient or person as they can fell relax and give rest to their back. We even provided the CP wheelchair with the headlights in the front parts to make mobility possible even at night and dark places.
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We develop an excellent range of motorised wheelchair and special lightweight electric wheelchair developed using light weight materials. The body of these wheelchairs is hard and made completely corrosion resistant. We have a brilliant team of professionals, engineers and management team which help enables in providing a complete 360° of guidance and assistance to the customers. We have expanded our reach in various sectors of medical science like: medical device, health care equipments, surgical device and rehabilitation products. Each of the developed products is made with utmost care and precision to make them completely safe for use of patients. Silverline Meditech is equipped with the most latest technological equipments to develop an excellent range of affordable motorised wheelchair in various models and specifications.

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